Board of Directors

President: Marilyn Beal

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Vice-President: Marilyn Beal

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Treasurer: Astrid Hugill

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Secretary: Aastrid Evensen-Flanjak

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ASL Director: Kimberly Wood

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First Nations Director: Julie Rose Baxter-Lampitt

I was born in Kamloops, B.C.  – although I was meant to be born on the Island close to the ocean. so I escaped as soon as I could!
I finally graduated from Vancouver Island University last year with my BA degree in First Nation Studies. Born in 1957 and graduated at age 57, there must be a special spirit in “57” for me !
My passion is and has always been waiting the Deaf community to thrive. Thank you for allowing me the rich experience of being the ASL Director. Thank you for all the opportunities you provided me to facilitate groups and follow my heart. I am also always interested in learning, and have appreciated attending many events.
My goals as a First Nations Director include setting up workshops on the First Nations Deaf identity, First Nation sign language, crafts, and artworks and the tradition of storytelling. I hope to help us develop a strong First Nations identity.

Artistic Director: Vicente Teng II

Born to be profoundly Deaf in 1988, I was raised in Manila, Philippines and studied at an oral school until I was graduated from high school. After I began my sign language summer class (it’s called S.E.E.), I studied at Miriam College, learning computer technology and a part of multimedia course. My dream job was to be a photographer and graphic designer because of my natural skills.

Moved to Vancouver with my family in 2008, I began my studies at Vancouver Community College, improving my English, especially learning American Sign Language for the first time. Since I learned tons of lessons, experiences, and cultures, I took a major course called Digital Graphic Design program. Nowadays, I work as a graphic designer at Pixilink Solution. This is what I pursued my career.

As Artistic Director, I was nominated to be on BCCSD board. I wanted to thank to BCCSD for giving me an opportunity to gain my experience. I am still excited about learning how the organization run. I am looking forward to working together with the team.