We would like to introduce you to our BCCSD Organization. It is the provincial branch of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, which works to ensure that Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals are able to fulfill their cultural needs and values through performing arts, American Sign Language, Literature, ASL Literacy, Visual arts, and Heritage resources. It is a Non-profit organization. It includes Deaf members who are Deaf involved with ASL WAY or who are Sign Language Instructors, and it participated in many Activities such as the Deaf Children Festival; The Mini Festival of the Arts, and the presentation of Deaf performers and many other Deaf Talents.


The British Columbia Cultural Society of the Deaf has been formed. It has pioneered a new view of what it means to be Deaf. This is done by educating others to create greater awareness of Deaf accomplishments, arts, culture and heritage through various activities. It is necessary to shift the perspective of Deaf people as having a medical pathology to one of being a member of a cultural and a linguistic minority group.

We are committed to expanding the frontiers of acceptance, affirmation, endless possibilities and opportunity for a Deaf child or adult to live full satisfying lives in society.

BCCSD Mission Statement

To promote a positive image of Deaf people in society, and to further their cultural contributions in the pursuit of appreciated art, drama, literature.