The History of BCCSD

Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD) was established by Forrest C Nickerson to encourage Deaf Culture nationally. The headquaters were in the heart of Canada – Winnipeg.

The CCSD was incorporated When Forrest C. Nickerson came to Vancouver and give a lecture of his CCSD goals at Brodie Hall mass. The BCCSD quickly sprang up, and the local Deaf people competed at the local and Provincial levels.

Larry Grant was the first BCCSD provincial director-appointed in BC. Meanwhile the Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf (GVAD), Dennis Milton was became the first Local Director-appointed.

CCSD held contests at the local, provincial and National levels. Just as “Deaf Festival of the Arts” has began.

“Home Arts” was introduced at the first competition in conjunction with Calgary’s convention of the Western Canada Association of the Deaf (WCAD)in July of 1973

BCCSD President John Sigurdon and Dennis Milton spearheaded the CCSD sponsorship at the Provincial and local levels in British Columbia.

The Third Biennial National Festival of the Arts was hosted in Vancouver Hotel under the leadership of Larry Grant, Dennis Milton and John Sigurdon.

The fourth Biennial National Festivals of the Arts was hosted in Montreal, Que. During the week of July 1978.

The Fifth Biennial National Festival was hosted in Winnipeg during the week of July 1980. The CCSD celebrated its ten year of cultural development for Deaf Canadians.

The British Columbia Cultural of the Deaf(BCCSD) was formally established. It was affilitated with CCSD. Tristan Blackburn desgined the BCCSD logo with a handshape glossed with “CULTURE”. Audrey Robinson (Nee Pettipes) designed the BCCSD Banner along with BCCSD Logo, which sure enough with spread like wild fire across all Canada.

The main office of CCSD was moved to Edmonton, Alberta became the new home of CCSD.

1992 – present
As the world has seen a lot of change rapidly, The BCCSD has also seen a lot of changes lately. Proudly, The BCCSD is still going strong once again.