BCCSD Logo Contest!

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We’re looking for an awesome new BCCSD logo! Think you can design it? Read on!

We are launching a contest over the summer for a new logo. Each person can submit up to 5 logos. Who is eligible? Anyone involved in the deaf community! We ask that the logo symbolizes Deaf culture and BC. How? Up to you to interpret this however you want. The contest begins NOW and the deadline is on Sunday, Sept 8th. Two weeks before IDSL 2012 Picnic! The BCCSD logo committee will look through all the submissions and select 10-15 logos to display at the picnic. Everyone who attends the picnic can vote for their favourite logo! The winner will win $200!


Sounds good? Here’s some more details!


Logo Design Info


The logo needs to be designed digitally, preferably with Illustrator, but Photoshop is also acceptable. If you have a different program in mind, check with us to see if it is okay. We require a black & white and coloured version of every logo you submit.


  • must be about Deaf Culture and British Columbia
  • use of the letters BCCSD is optional
  • no ILY hands
  • set at 300dpi
  • in CYMK colours
  • up to 5 colours maximum
  • save files as .ai or .pdf

How to Submit


Email us at info@bccsd.ca with BCCSD Logo Contest Submission as the subject. Within the email, include your full name, email address, and attach a zipped file of the images.


The BCCSD logo committee reserve the right to cancel contest if not enough logos are submitted. So please spread the word and submit!


Any questions? Email us and we’ll respond as soon as possible!


UPDATE: The BCCSD logo contest has been cancelled due to not enough submissions. Many thanks to anyone who showed interest. The BCCSD board will come up with a logo for now and perhaps in the future we will hold another contest. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for a logo, we would love to hear them. Please email us at info@bccsd.ca with any suggestions.

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